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Find Another Route

Devotional for Wednesday, November 07, 2018
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Society and the media today will tell you all sorts of ways to take care of yourself: eat healthy, buy this product, try this diet, enjoy this guilty pleasure, take this vacation, etc. We all know the basics of what self-care looks like: we need to get enough sleep, enough sun, enough fruits and veggies, (have an excuse why we don't) get some exercise, and make some time for ourselves. Even Grandma used to give me pointers: floss, use a leave-in conditioner, paint your nails every Friday afternoon for Sabbath, and find a hobby you love.

Might I suggest another route of self-care, though? One you might not hear the media touting? Here it is: Open your Bible. Read it daily. Mine it deep for the deficiencies that stare you in the face every day: not enough patience, parched for wisdom, hungry for meaning. Run to its shelter when you're discouraged, desperate, or dead-dog tired. Bask in its encouragement, fill your thirsty soul with the teachings of a Friend who once called Himself the Water of Life. Dog-ear the pages. Underline verses that speak to you as if your life depends on it (maybe it does). Care for your soul by spending time with its Designer.

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FROM You'll Laugh About This Someday by Melissa Howell, pp. 18, 19

For more information on this book: https://www.adventistbookcenter.com/you-ll-laugh-about-this-someday-devotions-for-frazzled-moms.html



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