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The Needy, the Least, the Last

Devotional for Wednesday, December 05, 2018
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Leave it to heaven to choose shepherds as the first recipients of the good news! That God would choose the lowly and the humble is a Lukan theme, highlighted from the very beginning of his gospel. There were two groups of people that were not allowed as witnesses in a court of law in the first century: shepherds and women.

Isn't it interesting that Luke mentions that the first witnesses of Jesus' birth were shepherds and the first witnesses of His resurrection were women? God reveals Himself to the needy, the least, the last, and the ones who are longing for something new. God reveals Himself to the unworthy, because the only thing that recommends us to God is our need.

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FROM Luke: Salvation for All by Elizabeth Viera Talbot, p. 12

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