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Judgement on Babylon

Devotional for Friday, March 22, 2019
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The end is near. The children of light are to work with earnest, persevering zeal to lead others to prepare for the great event before us, that they may be able to resist the enemy because they have allowed the Holy Spirit to work upon their hearts. New and strange things will continually arise to lead God's people into false excitement, religious revivals, and curious developments. Let them keep advancing, with their eyes fixed alone upon the Light and Life of the world. Know that everything that is called light and truth in the Word of God is light and truth, an emanation from divine wisdom, not an imitation of Satan's subtle arts. The light of God's wisdom will be to every true, steadfast, contrite soul as a lamp to his feet.    Letter 45, 1899


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FROM E. G. White Notes: The Book of Revelation by Ellen G. White, p.87

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