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New sharing magazine now available helps correct bible prophecy myths in media

Nampa, Idaho (April 27, 2005) - With the popularity of the new television mini-series, Revelations, on NBC and the sales of millions of The Da Vinci Code and the Left Behind books, it seems Bible prophecy is on people's minds these days. As economic instability, wars, and natural disasters increase and morality seems to disappear, many are wondering if the 'End of Days' is near. And since the media doesn't provide sound Biblical truth, many people are being misinformed.

Signs of the Times and El Centinela have created a cutting-edge special sharing issue on Daniel and Revelation called Bible Prophecies for Difficult Times. This full-color, 48-page issue includes the most powerful prophecies in the Bible presented with amazing clarity and stunning new artwork.

Written in an easy-to-read, conversational tone by evangelist Alejandro Bullon and using everyday illustrations, Bible Prophecies for Difficult Times is the perfect sharing material to reach the misinformed masses. It covers everything from Satan's fall from Heaven to his final destruction.

Marvin Moore, editor for Signs of the Times magazine, says, "The immensely popular Left Behind books present a false view of the end time and Christ's return. Thus, it's imperative that Seventh-day Adventists share what the Bible really says. We specifically designed this special issue of Signs of the Times to meet that need. It is perfect for sharing with a friend or relative, to supplement Bible studies, to give away at evangelistic meetings, or distribute in community."

Bible Prophecies for Difficult Times is available in both English and Spanish at your local Adventist Book Center or online at Individual copies are $.99 each and quantities more than 100 are $.89 each. You can also order by calling toll-free (800) 765-6955. To receive a free review copy,