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New Primary Sabbath School resource will help kids learn Memory Verses

Nampa, Idaho (June 14, 2005) - Pacific Press® Publishing Association and North American Division (NAD) Children's Ministries are releasing Sing-A-Long Memory Verses, a new Primary Sabbath School resource to help children learn their memory verses.

Research has shown that music maximizes the brain's natural learning abilities. According to physiologist Roger Sperry, "when words and music are tied together, they engage both hemispheres and harness more of a child's brainpower." Sing-A-Long Memory Verses was designed with this in mind.

"Our mission as parents and Sabbath School leaders is to instill God's Word in the heart and mind of every child. Combining memory verses with music does this more effectively," says Noelene Johnsson, director for NAD Children's Ministries.

Each quarter a Sing-A-Long Memory Verses CD will be released with 13 fun sing-a-long songs to correspond with each week's memory verse. Each song will also have an accompaniment-only version on the CD. The music is written and developed by Joann Herrington, associate professor of education at Union College in Nebraska.

Sing-A-Long Memory Verses is available as a standing order subscription to churches at the cost of $18.00 per year or $4.50 a quarter. Sabbath School leaders may make copies of the CDs to send home with kids to practice their memory verses at home. Personal subscriptions can also be purchased at the cost $18.99 annually, or individuals can purchase a single CD for $6.95 each. To order, visit your local Adventist Book Center or call (800) 765-6955.

Churches in North America that currently receive the Primary Quarterly will be mailed a sample copy of the Sing-A-Long Memory Verses for third quarter the first of July. The CD will be available in stores the end of July.