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Spanish Sharing Tool Released to Help
Adventists Reach Out to Hispanic Immigrants

Nampa, Idaho (June 7, 2006) - As the immigration reform debate heats up, many Christians are wondering how to respond. El Centinela® magazine and Pacific Press® have developed a new Spanish sharing tool, called Home Land for All (Todos Somos Inmigrantes), to help Adventists reach out to Hispanic immigrants. Hispanics make up 80 percent of the nation's estimated 12 million illegal immigrants..

"Immigration reform is an issue that has divided lawmakers and citizens alike, even leading to violence and racial tensions in our country. Part of the problem is that many people feel immigration reform is an attack on Hispanics, who make up a majority of the nation's illegal immigrants," says Miguel Valdivia, co-author of Home Land for All (Todos Somos Inmigrantes) and editor of El Centinela®. "We must remember that we are all immigrants in this world. Earth is not our home; heaven is," says Valdivia, who is an immigrant himself to the U.S.

The idea that "we are all immigrants" is what Home Land for All (Todos Somos Inmigrantes) is based on. This 32-page, full color sharing booklet introduces readers to Christ and offers information about free Bible study guides. It also addresses the challenges immigrants face in immigrating to a new country and offers practical resources to the reader.

Home Land for All (Todos Somos Inmigrantes) is available at your local Adventist Book Center. A sample copy is accessible online at or Quantity discount pricing starts at .49 each. To place an order, call toll-free (800) 765-6955.

* This press release is available in Spanish.

Material en español para que los Adventistas puedan
alcanzar a la comunidad de inmigrantes hispanos