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Newly Discovered Eric B. Hare Manuscript Gets Published

Nampa, Idaho (April 11, 2007) — A newly discovered manuscript by Eric B. Hare, one of the church's most beloved authors and storytellers, has been published for the first time by Pacific Press®. The book is called Curse-Proof and tells the true story of a young missionary named Maung Thein.

Hare's daughter-in-law, Patti Hare, found his handwritten notes for Curse-Proof among his papers recently. Patti carefully typed up the manuscript and sent it to Pacific Press® to be published. Although some of the incidents recorded in Curse-Proof  have been mentioned in other volumes, this is the first time the full story has been published in a book.

Eric B. Hare, born in Australia in 1894, spent more than twenty years with his wife Agnes as a missionary in Burma. Over the years, Hare's many audio recordings have thrilled generations of children. A master storyteller, Hare is known for stories such as Mister Crooked Ears, Silver and the Snake, The Hermit and the King, The Big Yellow Truck, and Pip, Pip the Naughty Chicken. These classic stories and many more favorites are available in a three-volume CD collection at your local Adventist Book Center.

Hare's missionary stories, many taken from his own experiences, have exposed generations of Adventists to the joy of mission work. In addition to his audio recordings, Hare has written several classic books, including Clever Queen, Fulton's Footprints in Fiji, Jungle Heroes, Treasure from the Haunted Pagoda, and Jungle Storyteller. Although many of Hare's books are now out of print, Jungle Heroes, and now Curse-Proof, are available through Pacific Press®.

Copies of Curse-Proof and Jungle Heroes can both be purchased at any local Adventist Book Center®, or by calling (800) 765-6955, as well as online at