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New Book Challenges Rapidly Growing God-Doesn't-Kill Theory

Nampa, Idaho (July 30, 2008) — In response to a growing controversy within the Church over the character of God, Pacific Press® has released a new book by well-known TV evangelist Steve Wohlberg. At the center of this controversy is the rapidly growing God-doesn't-kill theory. The Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference has long expressed concerns about this theory, but no mainstream Adventist author has publicly addressed these issues until now.

The Character of God Controversy, co-authored by Wohlberg and Dr. Chris Lewis, tackles some tough issues, including the nature of God's wrath, but it also paints a clear picture of a loving and just God. Wohlberg says, "we paid particular attention in this book to exploring the nature of God's wrath. Is it simply divine withdrawal (as many teach), or is more involved? While it is true that God often does withdraw His hand to allow sinners to reap what they sow, there are other instances when He acts in personal, direct and holy justice against evil, but He is perfectly just in doing so."

In his book, Wohlberg also offers a look at the relationship between God's justice and His mercy and what the cross teaches us about it. Marvin Moore, editor of Signs of the Times®, says, "Wohlberg's book makes a significant contribution in the current debate over God's character."

The Character of God Controversy is available at any local Adventist Book Center®, or by calling (800) 765-6955, as well as online at It retails for $13.99.

Steve Wohlberg is speaker and director of White Horse Media and hosts the Sword of the Spirit television program. He has been a popular guest on both national television and radio programs. He can be contacted through his website at

Dr. Chris Lewis is a practicing surgeon at Loma Linda University. He and his wife are cofounders of the Right Arm of Love ministry and co-host the television show Practical Living together. Dr. Lewis can be contacted through his website at