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Best-selling Author Exposes Religious Extremism
and False Views About the Character of God

Nampa, Idaho (September 10, 2008) Ś At the end of last year Time magazine posted a year-end report on the fastest-rising and most popular searches on Google. Surprisingly, one of the most popular questions net surfers typed in was, "Who is God?" As life on earth becomes increasingly chaotic and uncertain, more people than ever are asking this question. Veteran author and media producer Steve Wohlberg offers answers to this question in his new book, The Character of God Controversy (Pacific Press«, 2008).

Religious extremism, which has been around since the Dark Ages, continues to dominate the media and paints a very dark view of God, says Wohlberg. "For hundreds of years militant Muslims and Christians alike have killed in God's nameŚleaving a warped and distorted view of the character of God. All such religious barbarism fuels the cause of atheism."

In his new book, Wohlberg exposes religious fanaticism rooted in false views about the justice of God. He contends that extremism doesn't really mesh with biblical facts, and that God's character is being maligned-even in mainstream Christianity (i.e. the ghastly doctrine of an eternally-burning hell). Wohlberg also examines the relationship between God's mercy and His justice-paying particular attention to the nature of God's "wrath." When Wohlberg is done, God looks truly good, not evil.

With bachelor's and master's degrees in theology, Wohlberg is the author of more than 14 books, including the best-selling End Time Delusions (Treasure House, 2005), The Hot Topic of Hell (White Horse Media, 2007), Hour of the Witch (Destiny Image, 2005), and Demons in Disguise (Destiny Image, 2007). He is the speaker and director of White Horse Media (Fresno, CA). A television producer (Amazing Discoveries, Israel in Prophecy, Hour of the Witch) and radio host (World News and the Bible) himself, Wohlberg has been a guest on over 500 radio and TV shows, including CNN Radio, USA Radio, American Family Radio, Cable Radio Network, Information Radio Network, Focus 4, and The Harvest Show.

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