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New Book Examines the Significance of the Sabbath in an Age of Skepticism

Nampa, Idaho (April 23, 2009) — America's stress level is on the rise. According to a recent survey conducted by Booth Research, the primary source of this stress is related to personal finance-hardly surprising in today's financial climate. The survey further reveals that stress impacts negatively on everything from sleep to relationships. In his timely book, When God Said Remember, Mark Finley shares how and why Sabbath can become an island of peace in the storm of life, providing a perfect antidote for our over-stressed lives.

Finley currently serves as vice president at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and directs the Center for Global Evangelism. With 20 years experience sharing the Sabbath truth in more than 100 campaigns around the world, Finley is well qualified to present this message.

In When God Said Remember, Finley addresses all the tough questions regarding the Sabbath, in a clear and compelling manner both easy to understand and remarkably inspiring. Finley says, "As you carefully study the biblical and historical facts in each chapter, you will find rock-solid evidence regarding the truthfulness of the Bible Sabbath. But more than that, you will encounter a loving Creator who loves you more than you can possibly imagine."

Published by Pacific Press®, When God Said Remember is designed as a pocket-sized sharing book that makes it perfect for giving to family, friends, co-workers, in fact, anyone you meet.

"Finley effectively introduces readers to the seventh-day Sabbath in a manner that captures the beauty of this special day, while challenging them to keep the Sabbath and commit to following the Lord of the Sabbath," says Dale Galusha, president for Pacific Press®. "We are proud to publish this important sharing tool and anticipate it being used in a mighty way to further God's kingdom."

When God Said Remember is available at any local Adventist Book Center®, or by calling (800) 765-6955, as well as online at