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Dwight K. Nelson's Creation and Evolution an Excellent Resource for Current Debate

Nampa, Idaho (July 28, 2009) — Pacific Press® has released a book by Pastor Dwight K. Nelson. With the current debate heating up, Creation and Evolution provides a thoughtful look at the evidence that a Master Designer created our planet.

Originally published in 1998, under the title Built to Last, this updated version examines the familiar questions: did a loving God create this earth or are we the random product of millions of years of natural selection? Is the Bible teaching of a literal six-day creation viable, given the scientific evidence pointing toward evolution? Or can both theories be successfully blended into one?

Creation and Evolution was not written as a scientific treatise. Pastor Nelson states, "I am fully aware this book cannot possibly treat the issues comprehensively. However, the further I delve into this debate, the firmer grows my pastoral conviction that faith in the biblical accounts of Creation can intelligently withstand the assault of Darwin's theory."

Creation and Evolution provides an excellent resource for an increasing number of church members searching for a balanced approach in response to these issues.

Pastor Nelson has served as senior pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church of Seventh-day Adventists since 1983. He teaches in the Andrews University Theological Seminary, is speaker for the weekly radio and television program, New Perceptions, and has authored ten books.

Creation and Evolution is available at any local Adventist Book Center®, or by calling (800) 765-6955, as well as online at