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Pacific Press® Launches

Nampa, Idaho (October 13, 2009) — With the final issue of Renewed & Ready in the mail today, Pacific Press® announced the launch of, a new web site targeted to engage the 50+ age group.

For the past two and a half years, Renewed & Ready has enjoyed a readership that included 20,000 households across North America. However, the effect of the downturn in the economy on the publishing industry in general and Christian publishing in particular has been profound. With industry trends moving away from print to electronic formatting, Pacific Press® has recognized the need to explore new options in its endeavor to remain connected to its customers in a rapidly changing world where electronic communication is becoming increasingly important.

Ginger Mostert Church, editor of Renewed & Ready will serve as editor of Although sad to say good-bye to the print magazine, she looks forward to working in this new arena. "Winston Churchill said, 'change is the essence of life.' I like that!" Church commented. "It's a call to experience life as an adventure. A call to grasp the opportunity to stretch and grow; to learn and share something new with others." features many of the same columns that were a favorite part of the Renewed & Ready print magazine. In addition, the web site gives visitors the chance to add their own content, and provides forums for discussion.

"One of our aims in developing," said Dale Galusha, president at Pacific Press®, "is to meet our readers wherever they are. By creating an online community where friends and fellow believers can get together to strengthen and encourage one another, we hope to establish and maintain a dynamic connecting point with an important segment of our constituency."

If you are ready for a new experience, we invite you to pursue the adventure, join the conversation and find community. Visit us at