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Pacific Press® Fire Results in Minimal Damage

Nampa, Idaho (October 14, 2009) — Last night's fire in the paper recycling room at Pacific Press® resulted in minimal damage to the plant. The fire began when a machine bearing in the paper recycling system overheated causing sparks which ignited the paper dust in the baler room, a space where scrap and used paper is baled for recycling.

Employee Dallas Kraft noticed smoke in the baler room at 9:45 p.m. and immediately shut down the system. The sprinkler system activated and the fire department was on the scene minutes later.

"This was kind of like a fire drill where everything goes exactly like it's supposed to," said Chuck Bobst, vice-president for Production. "The sprinklers went off like they were supposed to and the firefighters responded very quickly. They were here almost immediately."

Don Vietz, director of Plant Services, reported that the process of rebuilding the damaged machinery is already underway and he expects the system to be in full operation by this evening.

"We are pleased to report that no one was injured and no other equipment or inventory was damaged," said Dale Galusha, president of Pacific Press®. "The Lord's hand was certainly over the publishing house last night and we are very grateful that in His providence the right person was in the right place at the right time."