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Pacific Press® Celebrates 25 Years in Idaho

Nampa, Idaho (December 1, 2009) — On December 7, 1984, the last truck left Pacific Press® Publishing Association bound for its new home in Nampa, Idaho and the doors of the Press in Mountain View, California were officially closed. Twenty five years later, employees and retirees gathered together to mark the occasion with honored guests Idaho State Governor C. L. "Butch" Otter, Nampa City Mayor Tom Dale, former Press President Bob Kyte and Idaho Conference President Steve McPherson.

"In the late 1970s," Bob Kyte said, "due to mounting financial challenges, it became increasingly apparent that relocation of the Press had become a necessity. Under the courageous leadership of Eugene Stiles, the Press made the difficult decision to move, and after considering more than twenty locations, Idaho was selected as the number one choice for optimum operating conditions and affordable living for employees."

While much has changed in the ensuing 25 years — the city of Nampa has grown from a population of 26,000 to its current level of almost 83,000 — the mission of the Press has not changed. As noted by Mayor Tom Dale, the work of Pacific Press® has resulted in the whole world being impacted with the gospel story.

Governor Ottor congratulated Pacific Press® on reaching 25 years of successful operation in Idaho, and said he looked forward to a close, ongoing relationship as Idaho and Pacific Press® move together into a bright future.

With the impact of current trends in the publishing industry being felt at publishing houses across North America, it is likely the Press will also face new challenges in the future. In a letter which was read at the ceremony, Lowell Cooper, Chairman of the Pacific Press® Board wrote, "Pacific Press® has faced and met great challenges in the past. There will be new ones ahead. It is our privilege to be in partnership with One whose plans and purposes will be accomplished regardless of the circumstances. So let us celebrate the past and embrace the future with confidence and courage."

The ceremony concluded with a prayer of dedication offered by Steve McPherson, President, Idaho Conference.