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Pacific Press® Launches

Nampa, Idaho (November 8, 2010) — Pacific Press® Publishing Association recently developed a new web site, specifically targeted to meet the growing demand from artists and consumers alike, for digital downloads.

In May, 1955, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists voted to give Pacific Press® ownership of Chapel Records, making it the sole denominational agency for the production and distribution of records. Since then, more than 400 Christian artists and groups have become a part of the Chapel® Music family.

"Much has changed over the past 55 years," states Bonnie Laing, Director of Chapel® Music "After distributing hundreds of thousands of records over the years, we have now made digital music available for downloading. This is an exciting development."

Jaime Jorge, the first recording artist to sign with says, "I am thrilled to be a part of Chapel's new venture to bring quality Christian music to people. I believe it will be a blessing to many and an opportunity to further share the gospel with others."

"Integrating technology in this manner has enabled Chapel® Music to adapt once more in serving the needs of the Adventist Church," reports Dale Galusha, President, Pacific Press®. "We are delighted to offer another way to make the music of Adventist musicians available to a wider audience."

To see what is available and to take advantage of free download offers, or to purchase downloadable music from your favorite Seventh-day Adventist artists, visit Please note: due to complications in copyright and tax laws, is currently unable to fulfill orders placed outside of the United States and its territories.