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Clouzet Reaffirms Adventism's Greatest Need

Nampa, Idaho (April 18, 2011) — Pacific Press® recently announced the release of Adventism's Greatest Need: The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit by Dr. Ron Clouzet.

Director of the NAD Evangelism Institute (NADEI) and Professor of Christian Ministry and Pastoral Theology at the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University, Clouzet has focused on the study of the Holy Spirit for many years. In Adventism's Greatest Need, he shares with compelling conviction how the Holy Spirit is poised and ready to reignite an end-time people in their quest for true godliness. He says, "My hope is for people to read Adventism's Greatest Need together in Sabbath School classes, small groups, young adults, elders, and church Boards. As this is done—I believe a significant spiritual revolution can begin at the local church level—a revolution that will be seen by the lives we live and the burden we have for the lost."

"With the emphasis on revival and reformation by Elder Ted Wilson, leader of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and his urging 'each [member] to unite through the power of the Holy Spirit in finishing the work entrusted to us,' the message of Adventism's Greatest Need is timely, practical and life changing," states Dale Galusha, president, Pacific Press®

Clouzet, speaker for Net 2011, which is expected to reach a potential audience of more than 20 million viewers, is using Adventism's Greatest Need as part of the training material with churches throughout the NAD: an excellent resource for every church wanting to prepare an end-time people to reach their world. Derek J. Morris, author of The Radical Prayer encourages, "We all need to experience the life-transforming presence and the world-changing power of the Holy Spirit. Read Adventism's Greatest Need. Pray. Then give God permission to use you to impact the world."

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