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Decoding Bible Prophecy

Nampa, Idaho (September 1, 2011) — Pacific Press® announced today that Decoding Bible Prophecy, by Dr. Ron E. M. Clouzet is scheduled for a mid-September release. With much of the country still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Irene, the current uncertainty in the global economy, and political upheaval everywhere, the message of Decoding Bible Prophecy is timely indeed.

Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the apocalyptic visions of Daniel and John the Revelator, and will make sense of several difficult passages in the Bible. Also included are principles of interpretation, the meaning behind many apocalyptic symbols, and guidelines regarding major time prophecies.

Designed as a sharing book, Decoding Bible Prophecy is the first sharing book to deal with interpretation of biblical prophecy. "It has been written from the perspective of a seeker," says Doug Church, vice president of marketing and sales at Pacific Press®, "making it the perfect book for members to share with friends and neighbors."

Dr. Clouzet, professor of ministry and theology at Andrews University, is the featured speaker in the upcoming Bible Prophecy Seminar that will broadcast to North America from Nashville, TN, September 30 - October 29, 2011. "Decoding prophecy has challenged biblical scholars for centuries," says Dr. Clouzet. "In Decoding Bible Prophecy we'll look at the internal decoding process used in the Bible itself."

For a deeper understanding of biblical prophecy, Decoding Bible Prophecy is a must have. Available soon at your local, Adventist Book Center, call (800) 765-6955, or visit your local ABC.