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"Mrs. Sox" Reaches 25th Anniversary

Nampa, Idaho (December 1, 2011) — Today Pacific Press® celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of Aileen Sox as editor of Our Little Friend and Primary Treasure, the Seventh-day Adventist Church's weekly magazines for children aged 0 - 9. Our Little Friend, first published in 1897, and Primary Treasure, established in 1957, are handed out weekly to thousands of children in Sabbath Schools around the world.

Since Mrs. Sox, as she is affectionately known, became editor, Pacific Press® has produced 97,664,424 copies of the two magazines, or more than a billion pages. If laid end to end they would reach around the earth more than seven times and would stretch between New York City and Los Angeles sixty-six times.

During a special chapel service dedicated to honoring Aileen, a congratulatory note was read from Randy Fishell, Editor of Guide and Real Magazines, "I hope that there's no such thing as 'getting tired' in heaven, otherwise you'll be in big trouble meeting all the youngsters you've influenced for Jesus Christ over the past 25 years!"

Lowell Cooper, general vice president of the Adventist world church added, "Aileen, you now join a small and elite group of individuals who have edited a Church periodical for 25 years or more. You have maintained an outstanding ability to connect with the hearts and minds of children."

In response, Aileen noted, "This job really isn't about me. It is about pursuing God's plan for magazines, and eventually books, to reach kids for His kingdom. Only with God's help can my ministry have any meaning at all." Under Aileen's tenure, several children's books have been published, based on series in the magazines. These include God's Ten Promises, A Child's Steps to Jesus, and What We Believe for Kids. The latest book, We Can Trust the Bible, is scheduled for a spring release. Websites for both Our Little Friend and Primary Treasure include an audio of each week's lesson, stories, and a place for children to correspond with Mrs. Sox.

From Brisbane, Australia, Elder Ted N. C. Wilson, president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists wrote, "God has guided Aileen to choose the right stories and emphasis to influence thousands of youngsters and their parents for 25 years! Her work and influence reach far beyond Pacific Press®. Through her work she has touched the farthest corners of the globe to help point children to Jesus, our Best Friend and Greatest Treasure."

Dale Galusha, president of Pacific Press® summed it up in his closing remarks, "For 25 years, Mrs. Sox has been sharing Christ's love with children. Because of this ministry, many will be in heaven."

Congratulations, Mrs. Sox!