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Extreme Makeover for

Nampa, Idaho (September 11, 2012) Pacific Press has announced completion of an extreme makeover for the Web site. The project was a joint effort by the Pacific Press and Review and Herald Publishing Associations.

One of the overarching goals for the revamped site was to provide an improved experience for online customers. New features include increased credit card security and customer generated product reviews that enable prospective customers to make informed decisions on what they want to purchase.

On the back end, there is now an increased capability to learn about what customers are searching for, what products they are viewing most, and additional information that will assist in making decisions to improve the site.

"With the internet providing an opportunity to make our books available around the world," said Pacific Press president, Dale Galusha, "it is extremely important for our publishing houses to be at the front edge of this technology."

Doug Sayles, director of sales at Review and Herald agrees. "This new Web site is a dream come true. Customers will enjoy the new design and the ability to see an amazing variety of books and materials right from their own computer."

The site is built on current technologies that will allow it to keep better pace with changing expectations in ecommerce. Steve Ertel, director electronic marketing, at Pacific Press said "Although there have been a few technical issues that come with developing a new system, many of the kinks have been ironed out. All of the comments that we have received from customers have been overwhelmingly positive."

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