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Two Sharing Books Now Available

Nampa, Idaho (September 26, 2012) Pacific Press has released two sharing books for 2013. In End-Time Hope, Mark Finley addresses the pressing economic climate, unemployment, and the rising nuclear threat in Iran and North Korea. He notes, "This is enough to frighten anybody unless you understand what's behind today's headlines."

End-Time Hope explores the biblical teaching of the Lord's return and examines many frequently asked questions: How will Jesus come? Is it a secret coming or a majestic event? What about the rise of the antichrist? How can we prepare for Christ's return? The answers are taken directly from Jesus' own words in the Bible and will help readers face the future with confidence and hope.

The new sharing book for women comes from beloved speaker and prayer warrior Ginny Allen. God's Love Song is filled with stories of God's love through both the joyful and painful chapters in life. Ginny says, "God longs to draw near to each one of us with a song of healing grace. He loves us, changes us, and wants to use us to share His love with others." Women from all walks of life will resonate with these stories and will know that God loves them and has the power to change them.

For a limited time, 25 percent of sales profits will help support Asian Aid, a fully supportive ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Their program, Hope for Nepal, brings healing to thousands of women through life-changing surgeries and by rescuing young girls from human trafficking.

Both End-Time Hope and God's Love Song are perfect for sharing with anyone who wants to grow in their walk with Jesus. Now available at your local Adventist Book Center, online at, and by calling (800) 765-6955.