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Pacific Press® Dedicates New Binding

Nampa, Idaho (December 12, 2012) — Dale Galusha, Pacific Press® president, offered a prayer of dedication this week over a recently installed binding line — a Mueller Acoro A7. The new machine replaces the twenty-two-year-old Kolbus Binder that had become outdated and costly to maintain.

"The Acoro A7 has all the features we need," said Chuck Bobst, vice president for production. He added, "It can bind and trim 7,000 books an hour, a great improvement over the much slower Kolbus output."

Another significant improvement is the digitized quality control feature known as signature recognition which scans signatures - the multiple-page sections that are bound together to make each book. If the wrong "sig" is inserted, the scanner will recognize it immediately and will automatically discard the incorrect material.

But perhaps the single-most important improvement is the greatly reduced set up time. While the Kolbus took between 45 - 60 minutes to set up, the Acoro A7 can set up in between five and ten minutes. Besides the obvious time-saving factor, it will now be feasible to do very short print runs.

A redesigned floor plan was needed to accommodate the Acoro A7. This has led to a more streamlined work flow and improved productivity. Materials can now move directly from the web press to the binding line instead of being transported to the other side of the factory.

"Our mission at Pacific Press®," said Galusha "is to spread the gospel through the printed page. In today's world that means staying on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. This new binding line will help us to achieve that mission more effectively." The first book to be run through the new machine was the ASI edition of The Ministry of Healing.