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Deluxe Edition of Two Favorite Classics

Nampa, Idaho (June 20, 2013) A study conducted by Andrews University professor Dr. S. Joseph Kidder examines the most effective methods for leading people to Christ. Dr. Kidder states, "Most people come to the Lord through the influence of a web of relationships and friendships. Nearly 60 percent of people join the church because of a friend or relative."

Deluxe Edition of The Great Controversy
Deluxe Edition of The Desire Of Ages

That is friendship evangelism at its best!

With millions of copies of The Great Hope being shared in homes and communities around the world this is particularly exciting. This abridged sharing book has renewed interest in The Great Controversy.

It is with this in mind that Pacific Press recently released deluxe gift-box editions of The Great Controversy, and The Desire of Ages. Originally published in 1911 (current edition) and 1898 respectively, these two favorite classics have impacted multitudes for Christ. This edition, with cover art by Darrel Tank, would be an excellent gift to give as a follow up to interest generated by The Great Hope Project.

These books are available:

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