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Ted Wilson Visits the Pacific Press

Ted Wilson visits the Pacific Press

Nampa, Idaho (August 15, 2013) Elder Ted Wilson spoke at a special chapel this morning at the Pacific Press Publishing Association in Nampa, Idaho where he reminded employees that "the publishing ministry forms part of the message of the fourth angel in Revelation; it is a vital part of the last, conquering loud cry to the world."

He commented on the recent disbanding of the taskforce formed to explore a merger between the Pacific Press and the Review and Herald saying, "Sometimes the plans we think may be the best in a given situation, may not be what God has in mind." He went on to note, "As we face the future with all its challenges we must ask, 'What does heavenly counsel say to us?' " Elder Wilson quoted from The Publishing Ministry, p. 158, "Not consolidation, not rivalry or criticism, but cooperation, is God's plan for His institutions."

Noting the challenges facing the print industry in general, he expressed concern that while the need for print publications will continue, sales within the church in North America are trending downward, which is cause for concern both for the Pacific Press and the Review and Herald. He commended both presidents, Dale Galusha of the Pacific Press, and Mark Thomas of the Review and Herald for initiating a closer working relationship between the two publishing houses, adding that "God wants to see a proliferation of smaller units within the publishing ministry and a greater cooperation between them."

He closed by saying, "We believe the Lord will bless as we cooperate and work together in reaching the 300 million people in North America, and the many millions around the world, with the news of our soon-coming Savior."