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Pacific Press Prints New Russian Translation of the Bible

Dr. Mikhail Kulakov with Russian Bible
Dr. Mikhail Kulakov holds a hot-off-
the-press copy of the Russian Bible
he helped translate.

Nampa, Idaho (August 29, 2013) A special dedication chapel was held this week for the Russian Bible translated by Mikhail Kulakov Jr., and his team at the WAU Bible Translation Institute. Pacific Presss will print and distribute the Bible, New Testament and Psalms, to the Russian-speaking community in North America, estimated to stand at 5.5 million. Russian is among the top ten languages spoken in the United States.

Dr. Kulakov Jr. addressed the Pacific Press employees and shared that the translation is already widely respected in Russia for its accuracy and literary quality. This is due in large measure to the spirit of collaboration that underscores the project. Dr. Kulakov explained that the BTI has been privileged "to enlist the help of many distinguished scholars and enjoys a very close collaboration with the leading Biblical scholars in Russia which includes Russian Orthodox specialists."

In his prayer of dedication, Pacific Press president, Dale Galusha thanked the Lord "for the privilege the Press has to participate in a project that will help place the Word of God in the hands of people earnestly seeking the truth."

The Institute plans to publish the new translation of the entire Bible in time for the General Conference Session which will be held in San Antonia, Texas, by 2015.