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Finleys Co-Author Landmark Evangelism Training Manual

Nampa, Idaho (October 17, 2013) Pacific Press has just released a new book, co-authored by Mark and Ernestine Finley, titled Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission.

Mark and Ernestine Finley

With more than 35 years in evangelism, and more than 150 evangelistic meeting series in 80 countries resulting in thousands of baptisms, the Finleys have now turned their attention to equipping lay people for effective outreach. Elder Finley says, "Evangelism is Heaven's top priority. Nothing is more important to God for He is 'not willing that any should perish.'" He points out that Jesus preached and ministered to the masses but spent most of His time equipping His disciples. "Jesus recognized that unless He placed priority on training His disciples, His own ministry would not be as fruitful." At their core, Seventh-day Adventists believe it is their unique task to proclaim the three angels' messages to the world. But many, even within the pastorate, feel wholly inadequate for this tremendous responsibility.

Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission is a comprehensive evangelism training manual that contains effective principles pastors can use to teach and equip their members. Based on five universal keys of successful soul winning found in the book of Acts, it provides a powerful, practical plan on how to run an effective campaign and how to win the lost for Christ. Pastors will learn:

  •  How to develop an ongoing evangelistic outreach for their church
  •  How to motivate their members to be actively involved in service
  •  How to advertise effectively to draw a crowd
  •  And how to answer objections

The appendix contains many excellent resources including form letters, an evangelistic budget planner, seven steps in helping people quit smoking and response cards.

Elder Robert Costa, General Conference Ministerial Associate for Evangelism and Church Growth says "Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission is the best manual of comprehensive evangelism written in recent years. It would be pastoral malpractice to ignore this book."

Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission cover

The focus of Jesus' life was to seek and save the lost. When He ascended, His call to followers was to go and do likewise. In The Ministry of Healing, Ellen White writes, "Every church member should be engaged in some line of service for the Master. Every church should be a training school for Christian workers. Its members should be taught how to work for the unconverted" (MH, p. 149).

Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission will empower leaders to train members everywhere who long to answer God's call to work in fields that are ripe for harvest.

"The greatest joy in life," says Elder Finley "is to participate with Christ in His mission of bringing the gospel to the world in these closing days of earth's history. There is no greater joy on this side of heaven than in winning souls to Christ."

Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission is available at Adventist Book Centers, by calling (800) 765-6955, and online at