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El Centinela supports Impacto Miami 2014

Nampa, Idaho (February 6, 2014) Pacific Press's El Centinela Seminar was scheduled this year to coordinate with Impacto Miami 2014, a major evangelistic event sponsored jointly by the Florida Conference, the Southern Union, and the North American Division.

Each year, El Centinela Seminar brings together the Hispanic ministries coordinators from the unions and conferences to coordinate the use of the magazine with local evangelism programs, as well as to showcase other Spanish-language sharing products.

Special guests this year included Katia Reinert, director of NAD Health Ministries, who shared ideas from her new Spanish sharing book for 2014, El Gozo de vivir (The Joy of Living) which Pacific Press has also published in English as Ten Choices for a Full Life. Roger Hernandez, ministerial director for the Southern Union, shared the message of his new youth sharing book, Failure is Not Final, which will also be released in Spanish later this spring.

In a deeply moving moment, Ernie Castillo, NAD vice president for Multilingual Ministries and Pacific Press Board member, called the group together for a special prayer of dedication of the new El Centinela team: editor Ricardo Bentancur, assistant editor Alfredo Campechano, and ministries director Julio Chazarreta.

Another special guest who joined in the prayer of dedication was General Conference vice president Armando Miranda. "El Centinela is an important tool for evangelism for our church," he said. "These men are not just editors or promoters-they are evangelists who are preaching the Adventist message every day."

Elder Castillo said, "For more than 120 years, El Centinela has had a powerful impact on the Hispanic constituency here in North America. Our Hispanic leadership will continue to support and promote this magazine among church membership."