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The Great Controversy sent to thousands of
Swahili-speaking households in the USA

Nampa, Idaho (September 17, 2015)

Pacific Press wrapped up a mailing project earlier today aimed at reaching a largely overlooked people group within the North America Division. The unabridged version of The Great Controversy went out to more than 13,000 Swahili-speaking households across the country.

Included in the mailing is a Bible study request card that readers can use to access an online Bible study course in Swahili through the Voice of Prophecy's Discover Bible School.

Interesting to note is the fact that Swahili ranks 61st among the 322 languages spoken in the US. It is spoken in 48 states with the highest numbers found in California, Texas, Maryland, New York and Massachusetts.

Dale Galusha, president at Pacific Press says, "The focus of this unique mailing centers on connecting with a people group that often remain unreached within our country."

Please join us in praying for the blessing of the Holy Spirit on this special outreach effort.


Swahili Great Controversy prepared for shipping
Copies of Tumaini Kuu
- The Great Controversy in Swahili -
being prepared for shipping.

  Let every worker in the Master's vineyard, study, plan, devise methods, to reach the people where they are. We must do something out of the common course of things. . . .We are on the very verge of times of trouble.

Ellen G. White, Letter 20, 1893.