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Guide Magazine Special
Desmond Doss Issue

Nampa, Idaho (November 21, 2016) — The story of Desmond Doss is a familiar one to most Seventh-day Adventists - and with the release of the movie Hacksaw Ridge it's a story that's now known to millions of people around the world. There's no denying that it's a great story but is there a way to share it with our kids minus the graphic violence?

Guide Magazine® has just released a special 16-page Desmond Doss edition written in language kids will relate to and parents will be comfortable with. In three chapters, best-selling author Charles Mills weaves in the importance of Desmond's strong SDA beliefs and shows how they helped him become the hero of Hacksaw Ridge.

Apart from being great for parents to use in the home, this magazine is also an excellent resource for Sabbath School leaders, pathfinder leaders, youth pastors, and teachers. It can also provide children with a powerful witnessing experience, so they can have the opportunity to stand, like Desmond, for what they believe in. It is perfect for sharing with their friends and neighbors. Additionally, this magazine offers kids a way to study what the Bible says for themselves.

It has been specially priced as a sharing magazine:

Guide Kid Zone
This special issue of Guide® provides kids with a powerful witnessing opportunity! It's perfect for sharing with their friends and neighbors. In addition, each magazine features a way that kids can study the Bible for themselves!

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Chapter 1
Boots, Bullets, and Beliefs
Shares the challenges Desmond faced trying to be true to his Adventist beliefs in the Sabbath and in not killing—all the while training for the greatest war ever.

Chapter 2
Fire, Foxholes, and Fear
Tells what it was like for young Desmond, facing combat for the first time with his fellow soldiers to protect and nothing but his first-aid kit to use.

Chapter 3
Beyond the Call of Duty
Relates Desmond’s heroic mission to lower 75 men to safety while under enemy fire.