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Herbert Blomstedt: Maestro, Maven, and Man of Faith

Nampa, Idaho, (February 27, 2017)—Pacific Press® has just released A Great Song, the biography of Herbert Blomstedt, world-renowned conductor of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. One of the most remarkable things about Blomstedt is the fact that he is equally respected for his musical genius as he is for being a faithful Seventh-day Adventist.

Born in Springfield, Mass., in 1927, Blomstedt moved with his parents to Sweden as a child where his father served as pastor and church administrator, and his mother was a gifted music teacher. A Great Song is the story of a boy who fell madly in love with classical music at the age of twelve. It chronicles the journey of a young man who, instead of following his father's wish that he become a pastor, chose rather to study music. It's the biography of a young musician who earned the opportunity to conduct the world's leading symphony orchestras. It is the account of a maestro who has served the field of classical music with humility, integrity, kindness, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the classical music repertoire. Finally, it is the celebration of a world-class conductor who is also an exceptional person, loved and respected by concertgoers and musicians worldwide.

Herbert Blomstedt turns 90 in July. Remarkably, his 2017 concert schedule includes conducting more than 90 concerts with the world's leading orchestras. This was celebrated in a recent New York Times article, This Maestro Is Turning 90 and Conducting Over 90 Concerts This Year, which also notes how the Adventist faith has impacted Blomstedt's life choices.

For anyone who appreciates excellence, musicianship, and stories of faith, A Great Song provides an inspiring read. Now available in both print and eBook format.

Herbert Blomstedt Conducting video
Herbert Blomstedt, Conductor Laureate of the San Francisco Symphony
rehearsing Beethoven's Ode to Joy, February, 2017.


Herbert Blomstedt
Herbert Blomstedt: Maestro, Maven, and Man of Faith.


photo credit: René Larsson

A Great Song Cover

Why I am a Christian
    "I was baptized when I was thirteen years old and have never looked back. It was not always easy. I have made mistakes, sometimes doubted; but that was good—it makes one stronger. One needs difficult experiences in order to strengthen one's spiritual muscles.
    "Why am I a Christian? That is an easy question to answer—It creates a perspective for one's life. The Bible is clear: God is the Lord of creation. And this gives us a vision and hope: The same Jesus who died will also return. In this way, one receives a global perspective on life, which we often need when the hustle and bustle of our daily lives sometimes threatens to overwhelm us."

-- Herbert Blomstedt,
excerpted from

A Great Song

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