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Prophetic theories about the end of the world have woven their way into mainstream America via the best-selling Left Behind series.

Nampa, Idaho (April 6, 2004) -- Prophetic theories about the end of the world have woven their way into mainstream America via the best-selling Left Behind series. According to Barna Research Group, one in every 10 Americans has read a book from this series. And, the last book in the series has already sold out of its initial print run of two million copies before its release last week on March 30. Clearly Left Behind is a huge part of American culture and is shaping what Americans think about “end times.” But are these prophetic theories in the Left Behind series correct? Adventists say no!

Steve Wohlberg, pastor of the Templeton Hills Adventist Church in central California and radio host of the “World News and the Bible,” has released a book with well-known Christian publisher Destiny Image in response to the erroneous Left Behind series. His new book, released on April 1, is called End Time Delusions and is being distributed by Pacific Press®. It offers a compelling alternative to the Left Behind series, separating fact from fiction and tackling many of the mistakes in the Left Behind series, backing up its claims with irrefutable scripture and historical evidence.

“If you know people who have read the Left Behind series and want to help them find the truth, then have them read End Time Delusions. When compared with solid biblical facts, they will see that the truth has indeed been ‘left behind,” says Wohlberg. “The entire Left Behind scenario is built upon the concept of a nightmarish ‘seven-year tribulation’ supposedly predicted to follow a ‘secret rapture,’ or the vanishing of Christians worldwide. The fact is there is NO passage anywhere in the Bible that specifically mentions ‘seven years of tribulation.’ The entire concept is based on the speculative interpretation of one verse – Daniel 9:27,” says Wohlberg.

Wohlberg has a bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Masters in Divinity. He has held Bible prophecy seminars all over the world from Russia to New Zealand, as well as many cities in the U.S. He is currently the Speaker/Director of Endtime Insights Radio and TV Ministry. Wohlberg has produced numerous television series such as “Israel in Prophecy” and “The Antichrist Chronicles,” and has been interviewed on more than 100 radio programs.

Destiny Image has launched an aggressive marketing initiative for End Time Delusions that includes thousands of churches and bookstores nation-wide. To purchase a copy of End Time Delusions, visit your local Adventist Book Center or call (800) 765-6955. The book is also available online at It retails for $13.99.