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Book sheds new light on the life of Abraham

Nampa, Idaho (January 17, 2004) -- A new book by Ken Wade, author of The Orion Conspiracy and Jesus for a New Millennium and producer for the Voice of Prophecy, was released last week by Pacific Press®. Wade’s new book, Journey to Moriah, delves into the ancient culture Abraham lived in; bringing new facts to light about Abraham’s life. The book also explores Abraham’s relationship to God over his lifetime and applies it to our own modern day lives.

“Abraham has been a subject of study for me for many years. It has blessed me to realize that Abraham had to go through many experiences, including his failures, to become a true hero of faith,” says Wade, “I wrote this book to help people see (through Abraham’s life) that their walk with God is a journey, not a destination. Also, in writing this book I wanted to open people’s eyes to the culture that Abraham lived in; thereby, helping readers better understand Abraham’s life and his relationship with God.”

Journey to Moriah takes a fresh look at this hero of faith. It takes its readers on a spiritual adventure with Abraham – seeing life through his eyes, entering his culture, and learning with him how to really walk with God. In Journey to Moriah, Wade shows his readers a real human being with faults and flaws – a man steeped in a pagan culture trying to learn the ways of Jehovah.

To read a sample chapter of Journey to Moriah or to purchase it, visit on the Internet or call toll-free (800) 765-6955. The book retails for $11.99.