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Pacific Press® hires new vice president for sales

Nampa, Idaho (October 6, 2003) -- Pacific Press® (PPPA) announced last week the appointment of Dale Galusha as vice president for ministries and sales. This decision came after a recommendation was brought to the board of directors on September 25, 2003 to establish a new sales department and divide it from the marketing department.

As vice president of marketing, Harvey will continue to be responsible for all of PPPA’s marketing efforts, including advertising, customer service, publicity and Chapel Music.

Galusha has assumed his duties as the new vice president of ministries and sales. He was serving as assistant vice president for ministries in the marketing and sales department of PPPA. It is not anticipated that this reorganization will require any additional staffing at this time.

Galusha graduated from Pacific Union College with a degree in theology in 1982. He also holds a master of divinity degree from Andrews University. He pastored for twelve years in California before coming to PPPA in 1995.

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