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Pacific Press® appoints new associate editor for its international publications

Nampa, Idaho (August 26, 2003) -- Pacific Press Publishing Association recently appointed Dr. Ricardo Bentancur as the new associate editor for International Publications. The previous associate editor--Armando Juárez--accepted a call to the Nevada-Utah Conference. As part of his new responsibilities, Bentancur will serve as associate editor of the church’s Spanish and French missionary magazines, El Centinela and La Sentinelle, and will edit the North-American Spanish edition of The Adventist Review.

Bentancur is a native of Uruguay. He spent five years as a pastor and evangelist in the Central Argentina Conference, and 20 years at the Buenos Aires Publishing House in the editorial department. During those years he edited the missionary journal for the South American Division, co-edited a magazine for youth, and was editor of the South American edition of the Adventist Review.

He received a bachelor’s degree in theology from River Plate SDA University, and was ordained to the ministry five years later. He recently completed a Ph. D. from the University of Cordoba. Bentancur has strong editorial and general language skills. He translates into Spanish from English, French and Portuguese, and writes poetry. He has written one book and hundreds of articles for church publications. He enjoys giving Bible studies, preaching, teaching, reading and music. He and his wife, Florencia, have two adult daughters: Liliana and Mariela .