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Pacific Press® helps sister publishing house

Nampa, Idaho (December 4, 2002) - Pacific Press recently made a donation of $5,000 to the Czech Publishing House that was severely damaged in flooding that took place earlier this year in parts of Europe. The waters rose above the level of the first floor destroying a large portion of the inventory of books needed to supply the publishing needs, including Literature Evangelists, in the Czech Republic. While insurance covered a major portion of the damage, there was not enough to replace all the books. Pacific Press Management felt this was an opportunity to be of support to our sister publishing and wired the money to the Czech Union for the publishing house. We have received words of thanks from the Division president, the publishing leader and others. We just received another thank you email from the treasurer of the Church in the Czech Republic. While English is not his first language, you can see from the message the thanks he shares with all of us at Pacific Press.

“Dear Brother Kyte,

I knew you only along your name but from the last week I know you and your colleagues along your hearts. You feel with our Publishing house which is after the big flood and needs the help. The most things were insured in Insurance Company but something was not. Publishing house needs the help for the beginning for the book-work. You heard our calling and sent the gift to us. In Czech language is proverb - You'll know the friend in the problems. Thank you very much and God bless you.” - Edvard Miskej, Treasurer Czecho-Slovakian Union