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Dr. Loren Seibold, Pacific Press®, author conducts Week of Spiritual Emphasis at Pacific Press®

Nampa, Idaho (October 28, 2002) - Dr. Loren Seibold presented the 2002 autumn week of spiritual emphasis at Pacific Press, October 21-24. Elder Seibold is the pastor of the Worthington, Ohio, Seventh-day Adventist church, and author of a Pacific Press book entitled A God We Can Trust, about spiritual lessons from the events surrounding 9/11.

Dr. Seibold titled his week of spiritual emphasis presentation “Four Lessons in Salvation,” and took his key texts from the first 8 chapters of the book of Romans. Said Elder Seibold, “It is my conviction that our faith does not find its center in knowing how the world will end, or what to eat or drink or wear or act, as good as those may be. Our faith does not consist first and foremost in learning much about the Bible, as wonderful as that is. Our faith is not centrally about being members of the true church. The focus of our faith is not lessons of Christian behavior, though that is important. The center of our faith is not in anything we human beings can do or know. The heart and soul of our faith is what God has done and continues to do, and that is to shower his great and generous love upon us. God has poured our love into our hearts [Romans 5:5] and that is what really matters.”

Dr. Seibold is the pastor of a dynamic, growing church that has doubled in attendance in the past four years. Besides his recent book, he has written for Signs of the Times, Christianity Today, Leadership, Reader’s Digest, The Adventist Review, and many other magazines.