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Pacific Press® announces new web site for customers

Nampa, Idaho (August 14, 2002) – Susan Harvey, vice president for marketing at Pacific Press reports, “The new website is live! The old site is no more. Check out the fresh, new, more user-friendly design and the many improvements. Two rows of tabs at the top of site make to it easier to find items by category, and with 2331 items for sale, that’s important! Our communication with customers is greatly improved, and the site is much more dynamic, with new featured products to look at on every page—and they’re different every time you visit.

In addition, the ordering process is much easier to use, giving customers more information and more choices. The new site calculates actual shipping costs, using UPS software. That means that the site is programmed to figure out where you live, and calculate the shipping cost from the ABC handling your order, a problem with literally thousands of possible solutions.

Begun in October of 1988, and initially funded entirely by Pacific Press, was started to extend the sales reach of Adventist Book Centers; and through them, the sale of our books, music, and periodicals.

In 1999 the total sales for the year came to just over $30,000. Now sales are more than $30,000 a month. And the project is now a three-way “partnership.” In 2000, the Review and Herald joined Pacific Press in the enterprise. The two publishing houses work together to maintain the site and provide all necessary support and services. The ABCs serve as “depots,” fulfilling orders and handling customer service from their stores.

Now that the overhaul of the “front end” of the site is complete, our next step is a fully-automated, web-based “back end,” or fulfillment system, which will greatly reduce publishing house costs and further improve customer service.”