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One year later: stories of courage and faith from ground zero Signs of the Times special issue

Nampa , Idaho (July 25, 2002) - One year ago, our nation and the world were horrified at the terrorist activities of September 11. Signs of the Times quickly responded by producing a special issue—Where Was God? Nearly four million of these were distributed. Over ten thousand individuals have requested Bible studies and many are preparing for baptism.

Signs has once again responded by producing a new sharing piece—One Year Later: Stories of Courage and Faith from Ground Zero. This is a 16-page, four-color, special publication specially designed to be used around the one-year anniversary of September 11 when people’s thoughts are once again turning to spiritual themes as a result of the tragic events of a year ago.

It contains four stories of courage and faith from Ground Zero—and draws a clear spiritual theme from each story:

  • Doing It Right. The story of Melodie Homer whose husband, LeRoy, was co-pilot of United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania, illustrates God’s sustaining power in times of grief and loss. [God’s love.]
  • A Tale of Two Heroes. Richard Walton, at the Pentagon, and Jorge Velasquez, in the World Trade Center, both saved others at great risk to themselves. Richard lived; Jorge died; but both illustrate the self sacrificing

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love that God showed in our salvation. [Salvation.]

  • It’s OK To Cry. Joan Silver lost her daughter Val in the World Trade Center on September 11. And though she still cries, she knows her daughter will be raised to live again someday. [Death and resurrection.]
  • Second Chance. Elias Lopez was at the World Trade Center for a three-week training program. Fighting his way down to the street and safety from the sixty-first floor, he came back to Ground Zero to rescue others—just as Jesus has promised to He will come again for us. [Second Coming.]

One Year Later is inexpensively priced so it can be used in quantity for mass mailings, as well as in conjunction with special prayer meetings around Sept. 11 or other occasions. A card offers free Bible study guides.

Available at your local ABC, 1-800-765-6955, or online at AdventistBookCenter.Com