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Pacific Press® and Signs of the Times releases six new booklets for evangelism

Nampa, Idaho (July 15, 2002) – Pacific Press and Signs of the Times, in conjunction with the New Beginnings DVD evangelism program, have prepared and released six new in-expensive, 32 page, four color booklets, to complement the sermons on these key subjects:

  • What the Bible says About Salvation
  • What the Bible says About Prophecy
  • What the Bible says About Jesus’ Return
  • What the Bible says About the Sabbath
  • What the Bible says About Death
  • What the Bible says About the Church

Each booklet uses friendly, magazine-like style, with articles by a variety of writers, all focused on Bible teaching on that topic. Each one is written to reinforce the message, put it in practical terms, and give the reader a better understanding of each crucial doctrine.

Dale Galusha, assistant vice-president for ministries at Pacific Press states, “ the goal of the new booklets is to aid the local churches in all their soul-winning endeavors. These booklets can be used at key points in the New Beginnings DVD presentations, complementing the sermons on these key subjects. They are designed to be given away in the meetings or in home visitation following the public presentation of the booklet subjects. They can also be used for follow-up in Discover Bible Schools and other personal evangelism programs”.

Priced at only US$0.25 each with quantity discounts available, these booklets may be obtained by contacting your local Adventist Book Center (1-800-765-6955) or on the internet at