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Nampa, Idaho (June 10, 2002) – HHES Literature Evangelists met March 25, 2002 in the Southern California Conference office and heard encouraging words and instruction from leaders such as guest speaker, Felix Castro of the Pacific Press, and Doris Borg, Literature Evangelism Field Director for Southern California. They learned that sales for the first quarter were running ahead of the previous year’s sales. For LEs who think ”souls” whenever they hear the “sales” reports, that was especially good news.

Perhaps the greatest impact at the meeting, though, came from LEs themselves as they shared stirring experiences with a common thread: “You never know what God will do.”

Norberto told about a man he had contacted who had sent in a lead card for the Bible Stories ten years earlier. “I learned that he had been raised an Adventist, but that he had stopped attending church since moving to a new area. I gave him a Bible and found him a church close by,” Norberto recalled. “I told him that Jesus was returning very soon.”

Ten years later, when Norberto was visiting a church, a man came up to him. “I recognize you! You’re the man who sold me the Bible Stories ten years ago!” Norberto was thrilled to hear that this man and his wife had joined the Adventist church, along with three relatives, and that the man was now serving as head elder.

“I can’t talk right now,” Tammy said, as she cracked the door.” She had sent in a card requesting information about the Bible Stories and a family Bible. “I’m on very heavy medication from a work-related accident,” she explained. The LE briefly showed her one of the Bible Stories at the door. As she became more and more interested the door opened wider. Finally she said, “I’ll be right back.”

She returned with a deposit, saying, “My children love these books. We always read them at the doctors’ offices. I feel it was providential that I went through my accident, as I was always away from my two girls, working, and never seemed to be able to spend time with them and read to them.” After delivering the set of books, the LE prayed with her on the front porch, giving her a copy of Steps to Christ and the first lesson of a free Bible correspondence course.

From these and varied other experiences shared at the meeting, it was clear that the literature workers had been seeing God working many miracles almost daily, far beyond anything they had expected from doorstep contacts and brief conversations. – Doris Borg, Literature Evangelism Field Director for Southern California