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Pacific Press® president Bob Kyte reports on recent press fire

Nampa, Idaho (January 29, 2002) - Pacific Press has been working to update and enhance its Web press over the past year. The existing five units of the Web press have been rebuilt. Pacific Press plans to add a sixth unit and longer ovens this year, hopefully in April.

In order to install this equipment, a permit must be obtained from the State of Idaho, Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Recently, DEQ paid a visit to Pacific Press. One concern raised is the output of emissions from our Web press. When Pacific Press relocated from California in 1984, it moved and installed its catalytic converter on the Web press but did not make it operational as it was not required in Idaho. With the present issue raised by DEQ on Pacific Press emissions, and after consulting outside engineering experts, Pacific Press determined to address this matter by activating the catalytic converter. The materials needed to do this were purchased and a thorough cleaning of the converter was implemented to remove all the build up that was either in the converter at the time of the move or had built up just sitting where it does on top of the Web press.

On Sunday, January 27, 2002, Pacific Press engineering and pressroom crews came in to start up the converter. It was decided to do this on Sunday because of the possible complications that could happen. The fire department was notified so it would be alert if something went wrong, which we were advised by the company that constructs such converters could happen. After rechecking the cleaning, the converter was started and it ran without incident for four hours to burn out any remaining accumulations in the converter. After that, the catalyst was put to the converter and started again to actually begin its work of emission control. For whatever reason, a fire ignited in the converter causing flames to shoot out up through the stack (chimney) on our roof. The fire department was immediately called to extinguish the fire, which was done late Sunday night. There were no injuries to any persons from this fire. Damage was contained in the catalytic converter. The Web press and building were not damaged.

The Web press was down on Monday, January 28, 2002 for pressroom clean up of water and to assure that all systems were ready to reactivate the press. On Tuesday morning, January 29, 2002, the Web press started up again and is functioning at full capacity. The catalytic converter has been deemed inoperable and new one is being ordered to replace it. The cost of such a converter is approximately $200,000.

The work of Pacific Press in serving us our customers has not been affected by this interruption. We are grateful to God that this situation was not worse and that no one was injured.