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Message from Pacific Press® board chairperson

Nampa Idaho, (January 23, 2002) The "Minnesota Project" reports are both surprising and encouraging.

Several things about this initiative are noteworthy. The manner and record time in which PPPA accomplished the job is a remarkable demonstration of teamwork, efficiency, professionalism and commitment. PPPA has shown one of the finest examples of an entire organization being mission driven.

Everyone who hears the story is impressed by the idea, the vision and how it has been carried out. The response that this project generated has obviously taxed the ability of the Church membership in the Minnesota Conference. But we trust that God will also lead and bless in the nurturing of the interest that has been created.

In this context one is also reminded of Samuel Lover's statement that "Circumstances are the rulers of the weak; they are but the instruments of the wise." Thank you to the entire PPPA team for illustrating how to use circumstances as instruments.

Perhaps there are things besides the impressive numbers connected with this project that are useful for reflection. It is clear that security and insecurity are foundational concerns in human life. The whole trajectory of life, for individuals as well as nations, is built on very simple things such as faith in God, trust in each other and commitment to the common good. Let us continue on the alert for ways to respond to the issues of community life and use them for drawing attention to the Source of life. – Lowell Cooper, PPPA Board Chairperson