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Minnesota follow-up

Nampa Idaho, (January 23, 2002) Friends: After all these weeks we are still receiving a quantity of Bible study requests. We are at a rate of about 150 requests per week. The total number we have received is 5830. We have received a total of 4859 by mail, 889 by phone, 82 e-mail. One of our churches with an attendance of 200 has received 496 (the most); only 2 of our churches are in the single digit requests. The city churches have received a total of 2488; and the "out state" churches have received 3342.

One lady felt too much time had gone by from the time she sent in the card to when her lessons arrived. She was so anxious to get started she sent another request asking for the studies (she has received them).

One of our members has requested an additional 100 so that she can make sure that the hospital, nursing homes, and other care facilities all have this copy of the Signs of the Times.

One lady has been searching for a good Bible study to use for a very needful group of young ladies. The special edition of Signs of the Times came in and she felt that this was her answer to prayer. She is studying the gospel of Christ with 10 young un-wed mothers.

Another Catholic gentleman had started to attend a SDA church. Decided it wasn't for him. Not because he didn't like the church. Just did not want to go to church. He received in the mail the special edition of the Signs of the Times. He saw that the return address on the envelope was for the church he had been attending many months ago. He felt convicted that he needed to go back to church and to complete the lessons. He has mailed many of the lessons back and has indicated he wants to be baptized.

The doorbell rang at one of the city churches. The pastor answered the door and an elder from the Apostolic church was at the door. The elder had in his hand the completed lessons. Obviously he knew the lessons were of SDA origin. He said that he was a Sunday School teacher at his church. The pastor had prayer with the man and he made a point to ask that please, keep the lessons coming.

On one card that was sent in was the following note: "Dear Discover Staff: Have a happy new year 2002. I know that I will be touched by the Bible Studies. God bless us." God is good! Bill Miller, President Minnesota Conference