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Minnesota mailing report

DATE:November 30, 2001 FROM:Kurt Johnson, Bible School Director
Voice of Prophecy
(Data in report from Bill Miller, Conference President)

SUBJECT: Minnesota Mailing Report

Imagine every home in your conference receiving literature pointing them to Jesus and an offer of free Bible lessons! This is taking place at this very moment in the Minnesota Conference. During the first week of November, a bulk mailing began to be delivered to every home in the Minnesota Conference—2.1 million homes.

The mailing has only been delivered in the North part of the state. The large metro areas and other regions of the state will be receiving theirs shortly. The exciting news is that with only a small portion of the mailing in the homes, the response is 200 Bible study request cards a day. This translates into over 2000 requests for Bible lessons as of today (Nov. 30)!

The project began with lay leaders having a vision of reaching every home in the conference following the Sept. 11 attack on the Twin Towers. Teaming up with local conference leaders, pastors and church members, the pamphlet Where Was God? —a special issue of Signs of the Times published by Pacific Press—was chosen to be the literature mailed. Enclosed in the pamphlet were two Bible study enrollment cards from the Voice of Prophecy. One card advertises the Discover Guides; the second card advertises the Focus on Prophecy Bible Guides (a chapter by chapter study of Daniel and Revelation).

Conference President, Bill Miller says, “There is excitement—electricity in the air—among the pastors and church members. All conference churches are equipped with Bible lessons and are ready to go!” A staff of volunteers helping with collating, shipping and Bible study request name/address management is assisting project Coordinator, Laura Tupper. The Voice of Prophecy Bible School and Signs Magazine is assisting conference pastors and leaders in providing training and support. Please pray for the residents and fellow church members in Minnesota.