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A thousand churches and counting

Nampa, Idaho (August 28, 2001) - June 9, 2001 marked a milestone for David Sturm, the newsbox evangelist for Signs of the Timesâ . On that day he spoke at the Rutland, Vermont Adventist Church—the thousandth church he has spoken in since he began placing Signs newsboxes in cities and towns throughout the United States.

It all began in June 1988, when Pacific Press hired David as a press-room assistant. A few days later, the August issue of Signs of the Timesâ began rolling off the press, and David realized he truly was doing God’s work.

When he learned that the Idaho Conference had provided a Signs newsbox for every church in the conference, he started visiting the churches to see how successful they’d been in placing their boxes in public places. To his dismay, he found many of the boxes still unused, so he offered to help the churches place them. Over the next year-and-a-half, he saw to it that every Signs newsbox in every church in the Idaho Conference had a home in a prominent location.

Soon Bible study request cards began coming to the Idaho Conference through the newsbox program, and David proposed to Pacific Press that they authorize him to go all over the United States encouraging churches to make Signs newsboxes a part of their soul-winning endeavors.

David’s first church was in Weiser, Idaho, back in 1992. He spoke there and helped the church place its newsbox. A thousand churches later, he spoke in Rutland, Vermont and helped the church place newsboxes. "We look forward to the Signs newsboxes David Sturm placed for us making a significant contribution to our soul-winning efforts," said Arnet Mathers, pastor of the Rutland, Vermont Adventist church. "We appreciate his ministry in our church."

Today, the Voice of Prophecy, which processes all Bible study requests cards for Signs of the Timesâ , is receiving 1,000 requests a month! Has your church been looking for a new way to win souls? Give David Sturm a call at 208-585-6688 (his home), or call Pacific Press at 800-545-2449. One of our friendly customer service representatives will have him get in touch with you. He’ll be glad to help you place one or more Signs newsboxes in your city.