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A group from the LDS church publishing house visits Pacific Press®

Nampa, Idaho (June 6, 2001) On Wednesday, June 6, a group from the Latter-Day Saints Church Printing Division visited Pacific Press. The persons visiting were: DaLane Turner, HR Representative; Craig Sedgwick, Printing Manager; Kay Briggs, Director of the Printing Division; and Walter Busse, Compensation Manager.

The LDS Printing Division has much in common with Pacific Press, and the purpose of the visit was to learn from each other. Both publishing houses are non-profit, hire only members of their church, have web and sheet-fed presses and bindery equipment, and are owned by their churches. Of the two publishing houses, the LDS publishing house is larger with nearly 400 employees.

CHUCK BOBST and ALIX MANSKER hosted the group with WARREN RITER providing the tour, and TERRY THREEWIT giving information on the structure of our maintenance department. In addition to the maintenance area, we discussed compensation structures, recruiting practices, pressroom and finishing training and apprenticeship programs, pressroom and bindery equipment, and HR structure. During the tour, the HR Representative remarked that his home had The Bible Story books in it when he was growing up, and how much he had enjoyed them.

The LDS group complimented Pacific Press on its neat and clean factory area and invited us to visit them in Salt Lake City. We appreciated the opportunity to meet with this group and learn from them. It was reassuring to realize that many of the decisions and ideas we have are the same as the ones they have thought over and made. – Chuck Bobst, VP Production, and Alix Mansker, HR Director