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El Centinela Institute of Training and Evangelism is formed at Pacific Press®

Nampa, Idaho (April 5, 2001) – The formation and first meeting of the El Centinela Institute of Training and Evangelism took place on 28 and 29 of March at Pacific Press. Four retired church leaders, much loved and revered for their soul-winning abilities and their many years of service, have signed on to form the nucleus of the Institute, and were welcomed to Pacific Press by members of the management team and the International editorial and marketing staff.

The four Hispanic leaders and their areas of expertise are: Dr. Juan Carlos Viera, (former director of the White Estate, administrator and evangelist): Biblical Theology and Spirit of Prophecy; Dr. Jose A. Fuentes (clinical psychologist and evangelist): Home and Health; Pastor Victor Collins (international evangelist): Evangelism, and Pastor Fred Hernandez, (former church administrator and division level department leader) Stewardship and Leadership. All were visiting us in Nampa for the first time, with the exception of Dr. Viera, who is a former board member of Pacific Press.

Meeting with our International editorial and marketing team, the group identified three key objectives for this new outreach: (1) to assist the Hispanic church in the work of development and training of leaders and members for evangelism; (2) To reach the Hispanic community with the message of the full gospel, and (3) To promote the use of Seventh-day Adventist publications in the work of the church.

Working under the banners of Pacific Press and El Centinela, these leaders will travel throughout the North American Division, conducting seminars, lay training events, and evangelistic meetings in and for Hispanic churches. All expenses will be paid by the inviting organization. Pacific Press and the El Centinela team will provide assistance with promotion, coordination, and scheduling, and El Centinela-related promotional materials. In addition to their training and evangelism responsibilities, each member of the Institute will also be an active promoter for El Centinela and other Pacific Press Spanish-language materials.

Although the members of the team are officially retired, they are eager to use their talents, skills, and experience in this new venture, and are already taking appointments. In some cases, their schedules are filled for several months in advance. Pacific Press welcomes these gentlemen to our family, and together we look forward to this exciting new outreach to Hispanics in North America. – Susan Harvey, Vice President of Marketing.