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Left Behind - a second look at the rapture

Nampa, Idaho (December 19, 2000) - The Left BehindTM book series and video have been making quite a stir the past few months. Millions of copies of the books have been sold. In February 2001 the movie will be released in the theaters. Not since Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth has the public been so caught up in reading about the secret rapture. Millions are being deceived by these materials.

What are we doing to share the truth of the Second Coming with our friends and neighbors? What are we doing to help our loved ones avoid Satan’s deceptions? These are serious issues.

Signs has just produced a Special Issue—The Rapture, A Second Look. This 32-page magazine is packed with articles and information that will be helpful to those who read it.

  1. For bulk orders to one address—price per hundred:
     Up to 1000 copies—US$25.00
     1000 to 4,999 copies—US$19.95
     5,000 to 9,999 copies—US$17.95
  2. For those who want the magazine mailed to a zip code—just US$.45 each. This includes the mailing charges.

We must act NOW to let our communities know the truth about the Second Coming. Through God’s power we can use this opportunity to its greatest potential.

For a free sample copy, e-mail Dale Galusha: