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Pacific Press® authors and Chapel Music® recording artists are well received in Toronto, Canada at General Conference 57th Session.

Nampa, Idaho (July 20, 2000) - Pacific Press and Review & Herald jointly managed a 10,000 square foot Adventist Book Center, located in the Toronto Convention Center. The World Ministers Council was held June 25 through the 29th, with 7,000 in attendance. Pacific Press authors enjoyed autograph book signing sessions throughout the council. The exhibit booth was crowded with pastors discussing the latest book topics with the authors. Writer's Guidelines were distributed to pastor's to encourage book proposals from sermon materials.

June 29, through July 8, 2000, from 9:30 A.M to 9:30 P.M. during the regular GC Session , the ABC was the center for Pacific Press and Chapel Music book signings and mini-concert activities. Every 30 minutes throughout the day, special venues were planned with authors and artists alike. From special music concerts at the Toronto Sky Dome (over 65,000 in attendance), Global Missions to local radio station interviews, Pacific Press was well represented.

The following PacificPress book authors provided autograph sessions: Ardis Stenbakken, John Graz, Bert Beach, James Zackrison, Glen Robinson, Jack Sequeira, Ken Wade, Wayne Taylor, Don Mansell, Randy Maxwell, Herb Douglass, Reinder Bruisma, Hyveth Williams, Brian Jones, Celeste Walker, Stanley Maxwell, Esmie Branner, Marvin Moore, Lonnie Melashenko, Chris Blake, Manuel Vasquez, Dale Slongwhite, Jose Rojas, Mark Finley, Ty Gibson, Kim Allen Johnson, Jennifer Jill, and Debonnair Kovacs.

Mini-concerts were provided by the following Chapel recording artists: Jaime Jorge, John Lomacang, Aeolians, LUO quartet, Wedgwood Trio, Ysis Espana, Kelly Mowrer, Susan Caster, Paul Mickelson, Dona Klein, Jorge Soto, Del Delker, Ullanda Innocent, Michael Harris, Jennifer Jill, The Carnies, and John Lomacang teamed up with Esmie Branner. Other guest recording artists performed with mini-concerts were: VALOR, Gerry Thompson, Mario Gentile, Nicholas and Veruschka, Larry Culey, Roland Gresham, MargoRoberts, Rick and Gwen Shorter, Christine Wollmann, Karen Richey, Shirley Johnson, and Lucian Cristesco. Various groups and solo artists from around the globe shared the Chapel Music stage, bringing heavenly music to their listeners. Many potentially new Chapel recording artists were discovered during the GC Session.

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