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Signs of the Times® and el Centinela® get a makeover

Nampa, Idaho (March 8, 2005) — In order to give Signs of the Times® and El Centinela® a bolder, sharper, clearer presentation for today’s distracted and busy reader, Pacific Press® has given both of these soul-wining publications a makeover. Beginning with this month’s issue, readers will enjoy a bold, new design that seeks to draw them into the content and is reader-friendly.

“Our new page layouts have ample white space, are pleasing to the eye, and are less intimidating. Additionally, there are now eight pages of topics that are common to both Signs of the Times® and El Centinela®, streamlining the editorial and design processes and linking these outreach magazines in a more intentional way,” says Dale Galusha, vice president for ministries and sales at Pacific Press®.

Galusha says the reason Pacific Press® decided to change the magazines was to make them more effective at winning souls. “Our mandate is to make crucial information about the soon return of Jesus as clear as possible to as many as possible, and that is why we felt it was imperative to give our publications a bolder and clearer presentation,” says Galusha.

Signs of the Times®, published since 1874, is a monthly four-color, 32-page magazine that helps readers to live as Christians in modern North American society. It gives special emphasis to Christ's Second Advent and the prophecies and signs that indicate the nearness of this event. El Centinela®, published since 1910, is the Spanish equivalent. Both Signs of the Times® and El Centinela® are used by many churches and individuals as an outreach magazine. Their content is written specifically for non-Adventists. To read sample articles, visit